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Images by Mikko Gaestel

Choreography: Colette Sadler
Choreographic Assistance: Leah Marojević
Performance: Leah Marojević, Samir John Kennedy, Maxwell McCarthy
Video: Mikko Gaestel
Light: Veli-Ville Veilis Sivéns
Costume: Rike Zöllner

Learning from the Future

"My perception of Marojević’s dancing suffers inevitable comparison with the videos of incredibly virtuosic movement that populate social media feeds. Coupled with the representational game of the android – an unforgettably human figure pretending an inhumanity – I notice myself not really watching this dancing, so much as searching for a flicker or fidget – a flaw, a failure, a betrayal of the body – any imperfection within this impeccable solo. But then, somehow, I fall out of that, and just watch with surprise and admiration – grateful to see a work and dancer so heavily invest in developing the skills to undertake this kind of movement." - Paul Huges, Exeunt Magazine

“Learning from the Future is a tremendous feat, both for Colette who sews her troubling seeds in the minds of those watching, and for Leah whose seamless, controlled solo is as compelling as it is haunting; emotional and captivating… Leah’s rigid back against the flashing block is a lasting image, as is her rippling stomach, and her shaking robot hands. If we are asked to think about the primitive power of the body, then Leah is the greatest teacher.” - Elizabeth Gregory, State of the Arts

"She utterly embodies the post-human; a robot without subjectivity that reacts as perfectly to the external world as it was programmed to do….It is a body that deserves ovations. Leah Marojević sits on the stage, laughs, drinks from her bottle, and receives the rapturous applause as a human being." - Arnd Wesemann, Tanz - Zeitschrift für Ballett, Tanz und Performance.

Choreography and Concept: Colette Sadler
Performance: Leah Marojević
Dramaturgy: Assaf Hochman
Music: Brendan Dougherty
Light: Samuli Laine
Photography and Video: Mikko Gaestel
Costume: Eyal Meistel

We are the Monsters

Choreography and Concept: Colette Sadler
Performance: (changing cast) Leah Marojević, Alice Heyward, Rachell Clark, Maxwell McCarthy, Assaf Hochman, Stuart Meyers, Naama Iytel, Keir Patrick
Music: Brendan Dougherty
Stage and Lighting: Philine Rinnert




Commission for Scottish Dance Theatre

Concept and Choreography: Colette Sadler
Choreographic Assistant: Leah Marojević
Dramaturg: Assaf Hochman
Costume: Rike Zöllner
Light: Samuli Laine

'But Sadler’s vision is undeniably fresh and forward-looking, to a time when gender division and conformity has a less tenacious hold. Her movement, performed here by androgynous dancers dressed head to toe in tight bodysuits, utterly absorbing.' - The Scotsman *****

'Berlin based Scottish choreographer Colette Sadler is invited to work with Scottish Dance Theatre in a reimagining of Igor Stravinsky's Les Noces, originally premiered in Paris in 1923 by Diaghilev's Ballets Russes. Sadler's interpretation of Bronislava Nijinska's feminist cultural landmark transforms the gender thematics of the original ballet by introducing the idea of androgyny as its point of departure. Evoking and celebrating the notion of hybridity, exploring iconic artificiality, presentation and fashion, RITUALIA is set to be a thought provoking visual feast.'