A collaboration between Rachell Bo Clark and Leah Marojevic - State of the Art Residency, Berlin 2015

SOLO//SOLO - a work in progress by Leah Marojević and Rachell Bo Clark - began with the initial premise for two solos to be created in isolation from shared tasks based upon mutual ideas, images, and musings. For six months, one hour every week would be spent with these tasks in our cities of London and Berlin, to then join together with our dances in real-performance-time. This didn’t happen, instead, two weeks became available for us to meet together in Berlin. Within this context we posed a different question, could SOLO//SOLO’s original premise still exist in a shared space? We re-met with one anothers current creative processes, confusions, and ponderings, making space for creative desires to be fully trusted and pursued. We interrogated our individual and collective practices to find where discource might exist.

I wrote you a card

A one-on-one solo performance with one-part video instillation at PAF (Performing Art Forum) 2015

This work rejected the concept of performing to a group of people who would each take different interpretations and meanings from performance. This work was made with one specific person in mind and performed only for that person. The process of making and of performing wished to be as specific as possible, resisting the generic or the generally accessible.


A duet project which ran throughout 2015 where I invited different artists to talk and dance with me. These meetings did not always know what their product or outcome would manifest as, but did know that each process would begin the same, with myself and another person in a room, listening to a recording I had made in 2014 where I speak about my relationship to dance. From here, THANKSBODYDANCE endeavoured to let dance host and present the bodies doing the dancing, to make conscious and perceivable that which can not be choreographed (through choreography); a celebration of the personally owned, and mutually shared body/people, we/you are; to thank the body that dances. The works functioned as a form of live, moving portraiture and focussed on trusting what appears simple in order to understand what is complex. These dances tried not to perform but rather be contextualised by performance.

Pictured Below

Eugene Choi: Sydney Australia, 2015 (Video)
Theo Clinkard: Created at PAF (Performing Art Forum) 2015. Excerpt performed in silence and 'Just the thought of you' by Billie Holidayat Kings Cross St. Pancras and London Olympic Stadium
Darcy Wallace: London 2015. Performed live at Tripspace, London as part of My Birthday Party - festival curated by Francis Christeller
Alice Heyward: Uferstudios, Berlin 2015 (Video)
(images from My Birthdy Party by Erika Symmonds)